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Date: 16th October 2016
Phoxim Formulations
Formulation Type: Phoxim 40% ECApplication: It?s a strong contact insecticide,stomach poison and has a clear effect for larva of lepidoptera, insects of warehouse mosquito,flying and older cotton bollworm,and a long-effect for insects of subterranean.Application on leaf is short-effect and non-remain.Widely used for prevention and cure of insects for cotton,fruittree,vegetable,soyabean,tea,mulberry etc.,such as aphid, thrips,soil,it can prevent and cure of black cutworm, click beetle,peach fruit,borer etc., and dispoes of seed of whear,corn & peanut,also for insects of soil, such as mole cricket,click beetle and so on. Spraying.it can prevent and cure of mosquito and flying etc.,generally,it?s safe for crop,but it?s sensitive for cucumber,kidney bean and Chinese sorghum.